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6 Things you should never say when viewing a house

The home viewing is an opportunity to get in the seller's good graces. To aid that objective, here are some things not to say during a home viewing.

What Not To Say Viewing A HouseArticle summary
  • The home viewing provides an opportunity to get in the seller’s good graces, giving you an edge over the competition.
  • The home viewing should not be seen as an opportunity to negotiate the house price. Doing so may put the home seller on edge.
  • Show the home seller that you appreciate their taste and intend to take good care of the home, but don’t mention any renovations or changes to interior decor you plan to do.

You’ve found a house that might meet your requirements, and have been presented with the opportunity to view the home. You have a feeling it might be the dream home you’ve been looking for, but what if you’re not the only one interested in buying it? You need to make a good impression on the seller so you can get ahead of the competition, and the house viewing is a good opportunity to do that.

What not to say when viewing a house

It’s not just about turning on the charm; you need to avoid saying things that will negatively affect the seller’s disposition towards you.

Examples include:

1. Criticising the decor

More artistic homeowners may see their interior decor as an expression of themselves, so by criticising the decor you’re basically attacking them personally. Conversely, indicating that you appreciate their taste will give them the impression that you intend to treat the home with as much care as they have.

2. Talking about possible renovations

Even though the seller intends to sell, they may still be emotionally attached to the home, and the memories it holds for them. They don’t want to be reminded that the home will probably be hammered down and reforged; so best not to mention any renovations you plan to do.

3. Don’t gush

For the benefit of your negotiating position, you don’t want to appear too enthusiastic about the home, even if it is your dream home. Pay the odd compliment here and there to get in the seller’s good graces, but keep any elation you may feel to yourself. Revealing that you’ve fallen in love with the home may make the seller and their estate agent less negotiable on price.

4. Don’t negotiate during the house viewing

Your main focus should be on improving the seller’s disposition towards you, not on bringing the house price down. Discussing the house price may appear presumptuous, like you’ve just assumed the house will be sold to you; and it will also put the home seller on edge.

5. Don’t ask why the seller is moving

While this is information you would like to have, it’s not wise to ask the seller or their estate agent during the home viewing as it may come across as intrusive. Best to ask the estate agent for that information at a more opportune time.

6. Don’t ask about the neighbourhood

The estate agent probably won’t know, and there’s a good chance the seller won’t have a comprehensive record of the neighbourhood either. Rather investigate the neighbourhood yourself in your own time, rather than bringing it up during the viewing.

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