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Interior design trends 2022: The year of the Covid-friendly home

The Covid pandemic has had a significant influence on interior design trends. Here is some renovation and decorating inspiration for the season.

Article summary

  • Home design in 2022 is expected to cater to the requirements of the stay-at-home lifestyle.
  • Biophilia (the incorporation of human and natural elements in a way that doesn’t feel manufactured) continues to be a prominent trend.
  • Interior design in 2022 emphasises features that are warm and welcoming, such as earthy colours, and curved furniture.

Whilst sustainability, energy independence and smart technology continue to be significant factors in home design, the pandemic will naturally be the biggest influence. The ripples of Covid have been felt in the property market, where home purchases have gone up as more people look for properties that meet the requirements of the stay-at-home lifestyle.

Such requirements are evidenced by the changes in design, where the aim is to achieve more spacious, comfortable interior environments.

Here are a few interior design trends to look out for in 2022.

Kitchen design trends for 2022

The kitchen is the heart of the modern home. No longer just a place for cooking, it is often a place for eating, working and socializing as well.

Metal kitchens

Style by Emily Henderson
Photo by Sean Fennessy

Practical and easy to clean, the only surprise is that it’s taken so long for metal kitchens to catch on. Many still incorporate natural materials such as wood, to enhance the homely atmosphere.

Larger kitchens

Style by Emily Henderson

Since more people have become accustomed to spending an increasing amount of time at home, even working from home, in the pandemic era; this has led to a desire for more space.

Since the kitchen is a part of the house in which people spend a lot of time, it benefits from increased space. One way to achieve this is to have more than one kitchen “island” (the term for a freestanding unit, usually in the center of the kitchen).

Tiled designs

Style by Emily Henderson
Photo by Magnus Mårding

Tiles have been increasing in popularity in recent times, and that’s expected to show in 2022. Tiles allow for more intricate and aesthetically pleasing designs than simple slabs.

Plum cabinets

Style by Emily Henderson
Photo by Laure Joliet

People need bright and powerful colours to cheer them up in these trying times. This may explain the growing inclination toward deep purple in the kitchen.

Open display shelves


Floating shelves with LED lights contribute to the aesthetic appeal, helping to establish kitchens as a place to host and entertain guests, as well as a place to prepare meals. Kitchens are increasingly expected to fulfill a recreational as well as functional purpose.

Other kitchen trends we expect to see:

  • Marble countertops.
  • Frosted cabinet doors.
  • Pot racks.
  • Blue and green colours.

Bathroom design trends for 2022

Not to be ignored; renovations to the bathroom are usually more affordable than other parts of the home, boosting the property’s value with minimal investment.

Terrazzo tiles

Style by Emily Henderson
Photo by philip durrant

Bringing a calm and relaxing element to the bathroom, these tiles make a number of unique design patterns possible, while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.

Built-in vanities

Style by Emily Henderson
Photo by anson smart

More time spent at home means more time to prepare oneself, and for many, a vanity can provide a more relaxing setting in which to do so.

Spa-like elements

Paul O’Leary via Pinterest

People want bathrooms to be sanctuaries, so they introduce more relaxing elements, like the kind you would find in a spa. For example; plants, scented candles, and natural materials all help to turn the bathroom into a place of escape.

Increased emphasis on lighting
Photo by Jean Stoffer Design c/o Hudson Valley Lighting Group

Many elements of the home that were once purely functional have now become outlets to express creative design. Bathroom lights are an example of this; they were once just there to…well…light up the bathroom. But now bathroom lights are showing up in unexpected places, and serving to enhance the atmosphere of this space.

Other bathroom trends that we expect to become more prevalent in 2022 include:

  • Bolder wallpaper design
  • Fluted features.
  • Arches.
  • Open showers.
  • Marble and stone finishes.

Earthy colours
Photo by Amy Neunsinger

Deep brown colours are making an entrance in 2022; another factor influenced by the pandemic era as people look to bring a warm and homely feel to their interior environments.

Curved furniture

Curved shapes feel more friendly and welcoming, helping homeowners turn their homes into a safe space to wait out these difficult times. Curved shapes are naturally more aesthetically pleasing, so it’s no surprise to see them gaining more prominence in interior design.

Return to nature


With issues such as climate change and sustainability at the forefront, the coming year will see increasing incorporation of natural and environmentally friendly elements, whether it be recycled wood, or an abundance of plants.

Furthermore, people stuck indoors as a result of Covid have an incentive to create an indoor space that captures the freedom of the great outdoors.

Biophilia and engineered environments are two design trends expected to cater well to this need. The former aims to incorporate human and natural elements in a way that doesn’t feel manufactured, while the latter uses a mix of technology and nature to create sustainable, environmentally friendly spaces.

Multifunctional spaces


Whether it’s having your living room function as an office or gym, or having a room in the home serve as a classroom for educating children, people have had to learn to do more with less. Spending more time working and living at home means utilizing the space within the home more creatively.

Old-world look

Style by Emily Henderson
Photo by Stephen Kent Johnson

A 2021 trend that is expected to continue into 2022 is an inclination toward vintage furnishings and traditional atmosphere. Nostalgia can be comforting, and comfort is what people are looking for at this point in time. An old-world feel can also create a sense of timelessness that enhances the immersion of the interior environment.

Vibrant decorations

Style by Emily Henderson
Photo by Caitlin Mills

If you’re going to be spending more time at home, you’ll want a stimulating environment. Hence why many decorators are taking what might even be called an “over the top” approach, allowing their creativity to run free as they stock the home with vibrant furnishings and eye-catching ornaments.

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