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Interior design trends you’ll see in 2020

This year has been a boundary-pushing one for interiors. Get the scoop on stylish new renovation choices and design directions for the 2020 season.

Interior Design Trends 2020

Article summary:

  • The coming year will see a trend toward sustainability and nature-oriented design.
  • Minimalist design is out of fashion, and interior designers have the opportunity to experiment with bold and grand designs.
  • Black is the colour in trend, and metals will be increasingly incorporated into the design of furniture and appliances.
  • Blue is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020, due to its calming effect.

2019 has been a boundary-pushing year for interiors. Get the scoop on stylish renovation choices and design directions for the 2020 season, courtesy of ooba home loans.

It’s all in black and white

Black: Interior Design Trends 2020
Damask & Dentelle at Collected Interior

Black is making a comeback in 2020, according to interior design experts. No longer perceived as a claustrophobic colour, it lends a sense of class to the surroundings, and if combined well with white colours, can provide a powerful combination that feels both spacious and easy on the eye.

How big how blue

Blue: Interior Design Trends
Architectural Digest

Classic blue was chosen as the colour of the year for 2020 by the Pantone Color Institute, due to its calming effect on the mind. With so much uncertainty ahead, the colour blue speaks to “our need for a stable and dependable foundation” according to vice president of Pantone, Laurie Pressman.

Let there be light

Light: Interior Design Trends
DFS from House Beautiful

Natural light not only enhances the aesthetics of a room, it boosts the mood of its occupants as well. Allow for an abundance of natural light, and take note of where the light falls at certain times of the day, so you can divide the room up accordingly (for example, if it’s a living room with a television, you want to avoid light falling on the screen as much as possible).

Made of metal

Metal: Interior Design Trends
Fern Santinifrom Collected Interior

According to New Decor Trends, metals will be incorporated into the design of many modern homes in 2020; and this extends to a wide range of metals, whether it be silver, gold, tin, or copper. Examples of such accessories include lamps, mirror frames and furniture legs. Collected Interior predicts that tin panels will be a popular backsplash option for kitchens.

Experts advise against mixing more than three metals in one space, as doing so can clutter up the decor.

Return to nature

Nature: Interior Design Trends
Jamie Bush & Co. from Collected Interior

Smart homes were the big trend in 2019, but with issues such as climate change and sustainability at the forefront, the coming year will see increasing incorporation of natural and environmentally-friendly elements, whether it be recycled wood, or an abundance of plants.

Biophilia and engineered environments are two design trends expected to cater well to this need. The former aims to incorporate human and natural elements in a way that doesn’t feel manufactured, while the latter uses a mix of technology and nature to create sustainable, environmentally-friendly spaces.

For interior decor, earth tones that emulate the colours of nature will be popular.

The year of grand designs

Grand Ideas: Interior Design Trends
Emily Henderson from Collected Interior

Interior designers are encouraged to be bold in the coming year. The minimalist approach of past years is on the way out, to be replaced by a maximalist approach that emphasises attention-grabbing interiors.

We’ll see how long it lasts, but designers should take advantage of this opportunity to express themselves on a larger canvas. Collected Interior predicts: “Big, bold, bright colors and patterns, gaudy decor and colorful abstract paintings.”

Indoor gardens

Indoor Gardens: Design Trends
Studioei from Style Motivation

Building on the theme of sustainability and nature-oriented design, expect to see an increasing prevalence of indoor gardens. Such a thing was once reserved for princes and emperors, but has now become a realistic prospect for your average homeowner. Add some comfortable furniture, and it will be hard to beat as a space for relaxation and contemplation.

Kitchen designs

Kitchen: Interior Design Trends
Neil Lerner Kitchen Designs from Homes and Gardens

Kitchens are the heart of the modern home; no longer just a place for cooking, but for entertaining, socialising and even working.

Marble is making a comeback, albeit it a material reserved for the most luxurious of kitchens. Wood has also been enjoying a revival, according to Homes and Gardens, with the wood of the ash tree proving ideal for bringing out the warm tones of the kitchen’s stone elements.

Other potentially popular 2020 designs, such as kitchen cabinets without handles (simply push to open them), make for a streamlined kitchen design that is well-suited to a room where being able to move around freely is key.

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