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Is a home loan comparison service really free of charge?

A home loan comparison service such as ooba submits your application to up to nine banks to get you the best rate, at no cost to you. But what’s the catch?

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Putting in an offer to purchase a home is an exhilarating feeling – one you don’t want dampened by red tape.

With ooba, South Africa’s largest home loan comparison service, there’s a lot less to worry about. Their assistance with the prequalification and home loan application process makes navigating the process that much simpler and easier. However first-time buyers unfamiliar with the home purchasing process – particularly when it comes to applying for a home loan – may think there’s a catch to ooba’s service offering.

ooba are geared to spare you the red tape involved in going from bank to bank looking for the most attractive offer of a home loan. We source multiple quotes for you to compare, so you can get the best deal on your home loan, at no cost to you. And we deal with the tedious, repetitive paperwork to get you the best deal possible, by negotiating with the banks on your behalf.

And there’s no catch. The banks pay ooba an outsourcing fee to complete the application process according to their individual systems and requirements. We submit your application electronically to all the major banks simultaneously, ensuring that your home loan is approved at the best possible rate. It’s a method that saves the banks the expense of doing it in-house. ooba secures one in every four home loans in South Africa.

The service offered by ooba is completely free to clients. In addition, if we source a home loan on your behalf, it’s entirely up to you to accept or decline it. No pressure! There’s no obligation either way.

If you need a home loan to finance the purchase of your dream home, apply with ooba today to get the best deal – free of charge.

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