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Does landscaping increase the value of your property?

We explore the effect of landscaping on property value and provide some tips on how to best harness the power of landscaping.

Landscaping Property Value

Article summary

  • Landscaping can boost the value of a property without requiring significant financial outlay, but it needs to be utilised effectively.
  • Pleasant outdoor spaces are especially desirable in the pandemic era, as many people are spending more time at home than they are accustomed to.
  • Certain landscaping features, such as a swimming pool, may add maintenance cost that outweighs the increase in property value.

One of the challenges of property investment is finding cost-efficient ways to add value to a property. As it turns out, landscaping is one of the most effective ways to achieve that, and it doesn’t even require you to touch the house itself.

Just to demonstrate how effective landscaping can be, a Clemson University study found that even a small increase in the quality of a property’s landscaping can increase its value by about 7%.

5 Reasons to invest in landscaping

1. It makes a good first impression on home viewers

If the garden is at the front of the home, naturally it;s going to be the first thing people see during a home viewing. Investing in quality landscaping ensures the property will make a powerful first impression, especially if you add soothing features, like a duck pond or fountain.

2. It’s even more desirable in the era of the pandemic

Many people continue to work from home in the wake of the Covid lockdowns, and many more find themselves having to spend more time at home than they’re accustomed to. In this age, a pleasant outdoor space has become a necessity for home owners, if they’re to avoid the claustrophobia that can result from spending too much time indoors.

So, if landscaping didn’t already significantly improve the value of a property before, it certainly will do so now.

3. It will increase your enjoyment of the property

Aside from the financial benefits, an improved garden will immediately add to the personal value that you derive from the property. In fact, few things can so significantly improve your experience of a property as an appealing outdoor space, especially with some vibrant flower beds thrown in to lift your mood.

4. Health benefits

An outdoor space with plant life improves the air quality of the property, making it a healthier place to live. A property that is located in an urban environment, close to important facilities, but with a garden that grants the occasional reprieve from city life, offers a balance that is sure to significantly boost its value.

5. It serves as an entertainment venue

A garden can host events such as braais and children’s parties, adding to the property’s utility and thus boosting its value further.

Landscaping tips

A few things to consider before you invest in landscaping:

  • A swimming pool doesn’t necessarily increase the value of the property, as it adds a maintenance cost. However, a small water feature, like a fountain or pond, brings a soothing quality to the outdoor space without adding a significant maintenance cost.
  • Lawns are well and good, but they need to be mowed, thus adding to the physical effort required to maintain a home. So bear that in mind if you plan to add a lawn; making it too big might have an adverse effect on the appeal of the property.
  • A patio can be an especially powerful addition, as it merges the indoor space with the outdoor and creates the perfect setting for enjoying the environment. Adding a wooden deck will bring additional atmosphere and aesthetic appeal without significantly increasing maintenance requirements.
  • Adding lots of plants should be a priority if you want to create an immersive outdoor space. They bring numerous benefits, including pleasant fragrance, and additional privacy, as they block vision.

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