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Which is the best bond originator in South Africa?

Leading bond originators in South Africa include Betterbond, SA Home Loans, and ooba Home Loans. If we compare online ratings, we find that ooba Home Loans gets the best feedback from customers.

For example, ooba Home Loans is rated #1 in banking on, has a TrustIndex rating of 10 out of 10, and a net promoter score of 92%.

They have also received favourable reviews on, where one comment reads: 

“I worked with both OOBA and SA Homeloans. They did all the work and all I had to do was forward emails to each other as they wanted my business.

Ended up getting Prime + 0.25% with a 90% bond with FNB through OOBA (I had a big enough deposit). I was very happy with this based on my credit score and current debt.”

As well as home loan comparison, ooba Home Loans offers other services, such as prequalification, which provides you with an estimation of what you can afford on a home loan.

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