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Why you should use an estate agent to sell your house

Your home is your most powerful asset and you want to get the most you can from selling it. An estate agent can advise you and get you the best deal.

Benefits of real estate agent

Article summary

  • Estate agents can advise you on the movements of the market.
  • They can market your home and attract buyers.
  • They are skilled in negotiation.
  • They hold your hand throughout the selling process and address your questions and doubts.

Your home is your most powerful asset, and should you decide to sell it, you want to get as much value as you can out of letting go of something so personally and financially important.

Thankfully, estate agents are there to help. They are professionals who can advise you on the market and get you the best price for the home.

Here’s why you should leave it to the professionals.

The complications of the market

Understanding market forces is essential to getting the best deal for your home, but you likely don’t have the time or energy to conduct the amount of research you would need to.

Estate agents are knowledgeable about the movements of the market and can advise you on:

  • Interest rates.
  • The value of properties in your area.
  • Factors that affect the value of your property.
  • What you can do to increase the value of your property.

Marketing your home

In this day and age, the options for marketing your home are myriad. It’s not just about posting pictures in a window.

An estate agent knows the best ways to attract the attention of buyers.

An estate agent can advise you on staging your home; an important part of the process. They can suggest methods to make the best first impression on potential buyers.

Note: Sole mandate versus open mandate

When you choose an estate agency to market your home, you have the option of a sole mandate or open mandate.

  • Sole mandate means you give a single estate agency the sole right to market your home for a fixed period.
  • Open mandate means you allow multiple agencies to market your home at the same time.

Each option has its pros and cons, so put some thought into your approach.


Agents specialise in the art of negotiation and are in the best position to secure the best price.

They can also help with the Offer to Purchase, a document that dictates the terms of the agreement. The seller and buyer need to sign this document and fulfil its terms before the sale can go ahead.


A home sale involves a lot of paperwork, documents to submit, documents to sign etc. Estate agents can handle the paperwork, thereby making the process less stressful.

Emotional support

Selling your home can be emotionally draining. You’re selling something important to you on a personal level.

It helps to have someone who will join you on the journey, advise you, and listen to your questions and doubts.

You don’t have to pay them

Estate agents collect a commission on the sale of the property and don’t require any upfront fees. So you have nothing to lose by employing an estate agent.

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