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7 Inspirational ways to create a feature wall with paint

A new colourway can transform your interior spaces. All you need is a little inspiration to update existing furnishings.

Wall Painting Ideas
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Article summary

  • Paint is one of the most effective tools in interior design.
  • 2021 colour trends have been largely influenced by the work-from-home lifestyle.

Sometimes all it takes is a layer of paint to make an old wall look new. Paint is one of the most effective tools in the art of interior design, and here are a few ways you can use it to unleash your creativity.

The colours of 2021

If you want to be on trend with your interior décor updates this year, you’ll be dreaming up rich browns, deep blues and chalky whites.

Colours that create a feeling of safety and calm are in high demand as more people are forced to work from home in stressful times.

1. Dark and moody

Bright colours may seem like the way to cheer people up during this stressful period, but dark colours contrasted with bright lights give a sense of presence and depth to a room.

Wall Painting Ideas Dark and Light

2. Nature-inspired colours

With people stuck working from home, any type of interior decor that can help capture the freedom of the outdoors is going to be highly desirable. Green is the colour of choice in this case.

Wall Painting Ideas Green
Ideal Home UK

3. Blush

Blush is the new white in 2021, being a neutral colour that makes the room feel open and expansive.

Wall Painting Ideas Pink Cupboard

4. Striped designs

Stripes can be effective when used in the right location, such as in this master bedroom design.

Wall Painting Ideas Stripes
Ideal Home UK

5. The hallway

First impressions are important, so choose colours that help your hallway have maximum impact. Such as the sophisticated blues used in the picture below.

Wall Painting Ideas Blue Hallway

6. Wall textures

Elaborate wall patterns bring diversity to your interior decor, while providing a myriad of aesthetically pleasing visual effects.

The golden wall paint texture below reflects light and illuminates the space.

Wall Painting Ideas Gold

While metallic designs such as the one below bring a modern feel to the room.

Wall Painting Ideas Metallic

Monochrome trend

One-colour designs have been popular for a while but some creative minds have taken that a step further by matching their furniture to the wall.

Think of wooden chairs painted the same colour as the wall and positioned up against it to create a focal point in a room.

Wall Painting Ideas: Lobby

Wall Painting Ideas: Dining Room

Bathroom interiors in one colour, from floor to ceiling, might be unusual but they make an incredible style statement.

Wall Painting Ideas: Bathroom

Wall Painting Ideas: Bath
Jason Frank Rothenberg

Open shelving in a kitchen has a similar effect when painted the same colour as the wall, particularly if you choose crockery in the same shade too.

Wall Painting Ideas: Kitchen

The same can effect can be created with bookshelves in a living room or bedroom.

Wall Painting Ideas: Bookshelf
Aaron Bengochea

If you have a mantelpiece boasting smaller decorative ornaments topped with an ornate mirror, painted the same colour as the wall, the uniformity will make the knick-knacks appear less cluttered.

Wall Painting Ideas: Fireplace
Annie Schlechter

Wall Painting Ideas: Lounge

In the bedroom, a headboard that matches the wall behind it could provide a striking finish with linen in a contrasting shade.

Wall Painting Ideas: Bedroom

Wall Painting Ideas: Dark Bedroom
Jason Frank Rothenberg

Colours of your life

Look to the ocean for inspiration. You can offset a feature wall in terracotta, dusty rose, peach, blush or salmon with furnishings or accessories in blue and green. Colour creates an atmosphere so, if not living coral, think about what mood an alternative colour will create.

  • Red is full of drama and represents love and passion.
  • Green creates an instant connection to nature and represents balance and growth.
  • Yellow is a happy shade, a great choice for a child’s room or a breakfast nook.
  • Orange is energetic and conveys happiness and enthusiasm.
  • Bright pink is boldly feminine.
  • Blue is both calming and cooling, conveying a sense of peace and tranquillity.
  • Lavender is graceful, elegant and even spiritual.
  • Grey is the colour to choose if you want a sophisticated, mature treatment.
  • Black is chic but has to be used carefully so as not to reduce the apparent size of the space or make it appear too dark.

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