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These home renovations will decrease your property value

Home renovation is a significant commitment and you need to make sure you get it right. Here are some renovations that decrease property value.

Article summary

  • Avoid features that are subjective such as wallpaper and bright colours.
  • Avoid features that aren’t customizable, such as built-in electronics.
  • Consider whether a feature will be cost-effective, for example a swimming pool is expensive to install and adds little value.

It’s intuitive to think that upgrading your home will increase its value. But it’s possible to include features that, for various reasons, will actually put buyers off. Considering what a commitment home renovations are, this is not a risk you want to take.

So what are examples of home improvements that do not add value? Here we provide some home renovation trends to avoid.

10 Home renovations that decrease property value

  1. Built-in electronics.
  2. Too much wallpaper.
  3. Too much carpeting.
  4. Bad colour choices.
  5. Swimming pool.
  6. Garage conversions.
  7. Costly landscaping.
  8. Luxury bathrooms.
  9. Home office.
  10. DIY projects.

1. Built-in electronics

Creating a high-end home with fancy technology may seem an obvious upgrade to make, but despite how integral technology has become to modern homes, new buyers may be put off by electronics that are difficult to customise. Built-in electronics could make it more confusing for the buyer to figure out how to work the technology.

2. Too much wallpaper

Wallpaper is subjective, you may choose colours that suit you but not a new homebuyer who wants the feel of a home that hasn’t been lived in. Add to this, wallpaper is hard to remove, creating a headache for homebuyers who what to reforge the home in their image.

3. Too much carpeting

Carpets are easily damaged. New buyers tend to prefer hardwood floors, so they can decide for themselves whether to incorporate carpeting.

4. Bad colour choices

Like wallpaper, colours are subjective. Bright colours draw the attention and may put off new buyers. It’s better to employ neutral colours, even if it requires a repaint, which thankfully is a relatively simple job.

5. Swimming pool

Like high-end electronics, it’s easy to assume a swimming pool will add value. Why wouldn’t a new home buyer want a swimming pool?
Well, for one, it means extra maintenance. If you don’t already have a pool, building one is an extremely costly endeavor that won’t pay dividends.

6. Garage Conversions

Some homeowners choose to convert the garage into another room. More rooms are better, right? Well, it’s better to keep the garage, as homebuyers are more likely to need that than whatever feature you replace the garage with.

7. Costly landscaping

Landscaping can go either way, depending on whether you overdo it. It can be more attractive to buyers but it may also put them off as yet another thing they need to mantain.

8. Luxury bathrooms

Bathrooms are the most cost-effective to upgrade, but don’t overdo it. Fancy features such as whirlpool tubs may scare buyers off with maintenance and safety concerns. A walk-in shower is the safe option.

9. Home office

The post-pandemic work-from-home lifestyle may make a home office seem apt, but it actually does the opposite. The ability of people to work from anywhere means they can work from anywhere in the home as well. There’s no point investing so much in a home office when the homeowner has so many other options for places to work, such as the kitchen or lounge.

10. DIY Projects

DIY projects may seem budget-friendly but can backfire spectacularly. Homebuyers will be able to spot signs of poor workmanship. Better to play it safe and let the professionals handle it.

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