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Co-ownership of property: Everything you need to know

Property co-ownership is a great way to get on the property ladder as owners share responsibilities and expenses. Find out more here.

Property Co-ownership

Article summary

  • Co-ownership is when two or more people share ownership of a bond.
  • It provides a way for younger homebuyers to get a foot on the property ladder.
  • Co-owners share expenses and admin.
  • Co-owners all have to agree on any decisions regarding the property.
  • The drawing of the co-ownership contract is an essential step in the process.

Whether you’re purchasing a property together with associates, friends, family members, or a life partner; co-owning a property can be an effective way of getting on the property ladder. Here’s what you need to know.

What is property co-ownership?

It’s when two or more people purchase a property together.

There’s no limit to how many can co-own a property.

A joint bond is a popular option for unmarried couples.

The benefits of property co-ownership

  • It’s a way for young people to get a foot on the property ladder, especially in a climate where the expense of properties is putting many young homebuyers off.
  • Property co-owners share the costs of maintaining and administering the property.
  • The risks of investment are shared.
  • The bank is more likely to approve the bond as the various owners guarantee each others’ share of the bond.

The drawbacks

  • The more people involved in co-ownership, the more admin is required.
  • The more co-owners, the smaller the share of the profit each co-owner gets.
  • Decisions have to be agreed on by all co-owners, which can hold up renovations or other decisions regarding the property.
  • Complications if one investor decides to sell.
  • Complications if two or more of the investors fall out.

The importance of the contract

All parties need to sign a co-ownership contract. Drawing up this contract is the most important step in the process, and you should definitely seek legal advice if you’re engaging in co-ownership.

The contract should include:

  • What is the objective of buying the property together?
  • What happens if one co-owner wants to sell their share?
  • How will decisions regarding the management of the property be made?
  • Who takes responsibility for managing the property?
  • The financial contribution required from each member.
  • Conditions regarding sharing of the bond and access to the bond.

What you should know about joint bond ownership

  • In the case where two people are sharing the property, it’s assumed that each owns 50% of the property.
  • The credit records of all applicants will be assessed.
  • A prime applicant must be determined, even though both parties will be vetted.

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