ooba launches innovative mobile app for expert home loan information on the go

ooba, South Africa’s largest bond originator, has developed an innovative mobile application to simplify the home buyer and real estate agent’s experience in the home loan application process.


Unlike other apps on the market, the ooba app provides a host of calculators that are simple and easy for consumers to use when calculating bond repayments, home affordability, additional home loan repayment, bond and transfer costs, deposit savings, as well as amortisation, which is the total amount of interest paid on a home loan. It also allows consumers to pose questions to an ooba home finance expert. Real estate agents can use the app to send the details of affordability, costs and various other aspects to the interested buyer in real time, as well as to digitally prequalify candidates for a home loan.


“ooba has pioneered innovation in the bond origination space for fifteen years and has a deep understanding of the market and our customers’ needs, which is why we worked closely with our customers to design an app that would make their lives simpler,” says Dominique dHotman, ooba’s Chief Information Officer.


“We focused on what people are currently looking for when they interact with us and went through a number of design blueprints to make the app easy to use and intuitive. We also looked at additional value-adds, such as essential tips, information and tools that improve the home buying experience.”


Currently users can be in locations with low or no connectivity and still use many of the ooba tools available on the app, such as calculating monthly bond repayments on a particular property.


dHotman explains that the app was designed using a phased approach with a long-term view to the mobile app’s sustainability. The first phase aims to give users access to the most popular tools and information available on the website.  


“The second phase will look at using this mobile platform as a vehicle for improving the delivery of service and access to information for all participants in the home buying process.”


The ooba app is available for both Apple and Android users from their preferred app store, free of charge.