Legal information for homebuyers

South African property law provides for one of the most advanced and most secure property registration systems in the world. It offers an unusual degree of certainty in terms of ownership of property, specifically with regard to the details of owners past and present, details of the extent of the property and any limitations or rights in and to the property.

The stringent requirements of the law ensure that you, as the buyer, are assured that the correct property is transferred to you and that it is free of any encumbrance pertaining to a previous owner. In other words, the previous bond is cancelled and a clearance certificate confirming payment of all rates and taxes and other imposts levied on the property are paid prior to transfer of the property being registered in your name.

Nevertheless, as a buyer or seller you might still have certain legitimate concerns and questions. Our Legal Services section is designed to give you some insight into South African property registration, South African property law and South African property Legal information as well as advice on these issues.

Our legal information section deals with a variety of property related legal matters; from the implication of Capital Gains Tax and holding your property in a Company or Close Corporation, to the conveyancing process and the costs involved.

Our attorney search facility helps you to find specialists to deal with your conveyancing needs. The attorneys listed on our website are all experts in their field. You can search for an attorney in your area by specifying the province.

Our glossary for homebuyers explains key legal terms and phrases used in property sale agreements and the conveyancing process.

It helps to have insight into various aspects relating to South African property legislation as well as the property ownership law. Each topic provides the answers to a number of relevant questions you might have about the legal aspects of your purchase and the conveyancing process. Contact us if you have further questions regarding South African property legislation.