Interior design trends you’ll see in 2018

Interior design trends

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2017 has been a boundary-pushing year for interiors. Get the scoop on stylish renovation choices and design directions for the 2018 season, courtesy of ooba’s experts.

Article summary:

  • Charcoal darkens to black, balanced with plenty of crisp white.
  • Colours and materials take their cue from the eclectic global nomad trend.
  • Glamour loses its brassy edge, with textures and lighting inherited from the past.
  • Nature dominates architectural design, with natural light showing it off to best effect.
  • As the private becomes public, so an emphasis on the personal comes to the fore.
  • For renovations, it’s concrete all the way.

Global nomad

Interior design trends: Living room sofa

Credit: The Glitter Guide

With the black-white combo making a comeback you might expect to see minimal and modern styling too. But none of the trends forecast for 2018 could be described as minimal. “Global nomad” – a meeting of tribal and traveller – will set the new direction in colours and materials: think lots of leather, feathers, baskets, worn timbers, found objects, earthy colours and textures, all in that soft monochromatic setting. Industrial elements such as concrete and metal are part of the global nomad toolkit, offering a contemporary, urban contrast to the more rustic features.

Vintage glamour

Interior design trends: Vintage Glamour

Credit: Thurstone Reed

Today’s take on glamour is quite different to the stark and glossy glamour styling of years gone by. Yes, modern glamour still means velvet and gold, but everything is softer, with a vintage charm. You’ll get the look right with foiled metal finishes, mustard gold, olive green and navy. A chesterfield couch is the perfect example of the furniture you’re looking for. It’s where the refinement of a gentleman’s club meets the colours, soft textures and lighting you’d find in grandma’s house.

Natural inclinations

Interior design trends: Bathroom

Credit: Remodelista

Architecturally, neutral is still the natural choice for our homes, in more ways than one. There’s a play between natural materials such as concrete, timber, plywood and clean, crisp white surfaces that reflect natural light to show these materials to their best advantage. This neutral setting is the perfect way to display well-selected furnishings and fittings.

Up close and personal

Interior design trends: Up close

Credit: Doris Leslie Blau 

With the rise of social media and the sharing economy, we’re opening up our homes to the rest of the world in a whole new way. “I believe our private space has become more public as we share images through Instagram and Facebook,” says Rhys Dyer, CEO of ooba, South Africa’s largest bond originator. “And we’re using Airbnb to actually share our home with others and spend time in someone else’s amazing space. But far from creating angst to keep up, I think it makes our spaces more personal, and a better representation of who we want to be.”

You can bear this in mind when it comes to jumping on the global nomad bandwagon. It’s a design style for telling your story and following interests – particularly your curiosity about other lifestyles and cultures. And with our ability to view and adapt design ideas from all over the world, global nomad is a trend that can be very personal, yet recognisable.

A new kind of neutral

Interior design trends: Neutral Palettes

Neutral palettes for our homes are certainly nothing new. Just look at the “grey is the new black” trend we saw in 2016. While some lighter, neutral greys will stay, we’ll say goodbye charcoal, hello black in the next months. It’s a soft, liquorice tone, used alongside plenty of white, creating a monochromatic look that’s a strong but neutral backdrop for the latest decorating styles.

A sure thing

Interior design trends: Concrete planters

Credit: Better Decorating Bible

What’s the one thing design gurus recommend for your reno in 2018? For Dyer, it’s concrete. “It’s so often overlooked as a texture in it’s own right. And if you’re not laying a slab or don’t want the bother of maintaining a concrete bench top, there are so many ways to bring it into your home, from planters to light fittings and more.”

If you’re looking for extra budget to make your renovation plans affordable, speak to an ooba consultant about financing to put your design dreams within reach.

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2017 has been a boundary-pushing year for interiors. Get the scoop on stylish renovation choices and design directions for the 2018 season, courtesy of ooba’s experts.

Interior design trends

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