Hot model beats Mandela as ideal neighbour

Hot model beats Nelson Mandela as ideal neighbour

No one wants to live next door to Addams family - a quarter of South Africans rate their neighbours as "great".

A hot model is South Africa's idea of the perfect neighbour according to new research by SA's largest online search portal that lists over 125 000 properties nationwide.

Johan Strydom, General Manager of, says that the survey was carried out in late October and early November this year to probe South African?s attitudes to our neighbours and showed that 27% of respondents said a hot model would be their perfect neighbour.

Former South African president and international icon Nelson Mandela came third in the survey garnering 22% of the votes, while the second most popular neighbour was the 'someone just like me' category which gained 26% of the votes.

'A sweet old lady' was the fourth most popular neighbour with 14% of the votes, followed by 'a prize winning author' with 7%. Surprisingly, despite the high levels of crime in the country, only 4% of people named a police station as their ideal neighbour.

Strydom notes that one the most important things any buyer should consider is exactly who or what they will be living next door to.

No-one wants to live next door to the Addams family.

"The neighbours, neighbours, neighbours mantra is right up there with location, location, location one. While checking our properties and prices on a website like is a great starting point for home hunters, checking out the neighbours could make the difference between heaven and hell."

When is came to complaints about neighbours, 30% of those surveyed said that noisy kids or dogs was their biggest gripe, followed by loud music and parties at 20% and bad parking habits filled the third spot with 13%.

Says Strydom: "DIY disturbances and domestic arguments each got 7% of the votes. But encouragingly, nearly a quarter of those asked - or 24% - had no complaints at all about their neighbours and ticked the 'My neighbours are great' box."

Other results from the survey showed that 50% of those logging on to the website were actively looking for a home while 15% were searching for a second home as an investment.'s listings have increased four fold in the past year and now have the highest number of property listings of any website in South Africa.

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A hot model is South Africa's idea of the perfect neighbour according to new research by SA's largest online search portal that lists over 125 000 properties nationwide.

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