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The most important security feature, according to prospective buyers

Security is one of the most important features South African buyers consider when choosing a home. Arm yourself with these essential tips for peace of mind.

Home Security Tips

Article summary

  • In South Africa, the vast majority of prospective buyers consider security features to be a top priority when choosing a new home.
  • Assessing the safety of a chosen neighbourhood is key to acquiring peace of mind when it comes to security concerns.
  • A house alarm linked to a reputable security company, sufficient perimeter lighting, and secure entry points are all important buyer considerations.

A home’s security is one of the most important features South African buyers take into consideration when choosing a home.

According to a poll hosted on behalf of ooba, South Africa’s leading bond originator, 25% of home buyers consider burglar bars the most important security feature when purchasing a house. This was closely followed by a burglar alarm – 24% of respondents cited this as the most important security feature.

Alarm beams/sensors and electric fences were tied at 17% each, while the remaining options – remote control garage/gate, security gates, street lights and sensor lights – accounted for the remaining 17%.

According to Careen McKinon, Western Cape Provincial Sales Manager at ooba, home security and safety is a very strong pulling factor for prospective home buyers. “The 2016/2017 South African Police Service Crime Report recorded 22 343 incidents of house robbery in the country, or an average of 61.2 households each day,” she notes.

Rushin says that even simple, yet effective security measures can impact a potential buyer’s decision to purchase a property. She offers the following guidelines on what buyers should look for when it comes to a prospective home’s security features:

  • Suss out the suburb. An active neighbourhood watch group, regular security patrols of the area, well-lit streets and pathways, and minimal signs of vandalism are all key indicators of a suburb’s relative safety.
  • A house alarm linked to a prominent security company. While not all potential home owners want an alarm, the fact that there is the option to connect the alarm instantly is appealing to many.
  • Sufficient lighting around the property. A well-lit perimeter will deter criminals from entering the property as they often use darkness to hide. Overgrown trees and bushes also impair vision through windows and provide cover for criminals.
  • Secure entry points. Ensure all windows and doors have either burglar bars or a security gate. This includes garage windows and doors leading from the garage into the house.

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