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Home buying checklist: The amenities to look for when house hunting

Location, location, location is the real estate mantra.

Home Buying Checklist

Article summary

  • Choose a home close to good schools.
  • The convenience that comes with being near shops and sporting facilities is invaluable.
  • Proximity to major highways and public transport is key.

There are several important things to consider when buying a new home. Location, location, location is the real estate mantra. With that comes the identification of nearby amenities that add value to a home. These are our top 7:

1. Schools

If you’re a first-time buyer with or without a family, schools should be top of your priority list when choosing a location for your new home. There are clear advantages for those with children, for example, saving on travel time on the school run. For those without, homes near good schools are considered more valuable. This bodes well for resale prospects. If the home will be rented out, you’ll never be short of eager tenants looking for the same benefits.

2. Medical facilities

There’s a major convenience factor to having a dentist or doctor, or both, in the neighbourhood. If there’s a medical clinic or hospital, even better.

3. Supermarkets and shops

There are similar advantages being close to supermarkets and shops as there are to being close to good schools. Saving on travel time and costs, in addition to the convenience of having what you need nearby, promises enormous benefits.

4. Sports facilities, clubs and gyms

As more and more people embrace the quest for a healthier lifestyle so the proximity of exercise facilities gains importance. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a gym although that would be a bonus for some – it could be a smart park, with outdoor fitness facilities, a walking or jogging track, and of course recreational areas for children and adults alike.

5. Highway access

Those who have their own transport will be keen to be close to the main routes that lead to the city. Homes located within easy access of highways are considered more attractive from a buyer’s perspective.

6. Public transport

For those who favour using public transport facilities such as buses, trains and taxis, access to these will be important. Public transport is often a more efficient and cost-effective mode of travel, even for those who have their own cars. Those who don’t have their own cars or don’t need to use them for work during the day will look to buy homes that are close to public transport facilities.

7. Police station

Police presence is important. A police station creates permanency, acts as a deterrent, and surely reduces the potential for criminal activity nearby. Homeowners have a sense of security living near a police station.

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