Get Prequalified and House Hunt with Confidence

A prequalification certificate will take some of the uncertainty out of the house hunting process.

Visit ooba’s website to get in touch with a home finance expert when you start house hunting.  We will run a pre-qualification for you, to allow you to house hunt with a clear idea of what you can afford.

You will go through the same process as you will when you apply for an actual home loan – we’ll check your income and expenditure, and run a credit check against your name.

We will then give you a pre-qualification certificate, which indicates how much you qualify to spend on a house. There are two benefits to this – you will know what your budget for a property is, and you will be able to show the seller or estate agent that you are a serious buyer and can afford the property.

“Prequalification gives the buyer and the seller peace of mind,” says Eleanor van der Merwe, Northern Province Sales Manager at ooba. “In a process that’s often full of uncertainty, it provides confidence for both parties and gives them a figure to work around.”

The process also shows home buyers – especially if this is their first property purchase – exactly what is involved in applying for and repaying a bond. The process requires all the same documentation that you will have to produce when you are officially applying for a home loan, so you’ll know exactly what you’re in for when the time comes.

“Then, when you make an offer on a property, the process will be a lot simpler, because all the relevant information is already on hand,” says van der Merwe. “Although a prequalification certificate is not a guarantee that the banks will grant a bond – as they all have their own lending criteria – it gives a fairly good idea.”

Prequalification is a good starting point for any prospective home owner – and if you start your relationship with ooba from the very beginning of your house hunting process, it will mean that you have the home finance experts on your side from the very beginning. All at no cost to you. 

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A prequalification certificate will take some of the uncertainty out of the house hunting process.

When applying for a home loan, one of your most important considerations should be securing the lowest interest rate possible. And when the home loan is granted, you should do everything you can to reduce the term and the interest that you pay.

In a recent survey conducted on, an overwhelming majority of respondents said that potential partners are more attractive to them if they already own a home.

"Many of South Africa's consumers with bad credit records are unable to secure home loan finance to enable them to buy property, according to ooba.

"According to a recent poll conducted by bond originator ooba, three quarters of South African consumers are unaware of their credit profile.