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ooba vs. Betterbond: Two home loan comparison services compared

A home loan comparison service by submitting your application to multiple banks (including your own) We compare two of the leading providers.

Betterbond VS ooba

Article summary

  • A home loan comparison service submits your home loan application to multiple banks (including your own bank), allowing you to compare deals.
  • As the banks will compete for your home loan, you get the best deal possible.
  • ooba Home Loans and Betterbond are two of the leading providers and most established origination brands in South Africa.
  • Online rating websites and Internet forums are useful resources for getting feedback on South African companies.

A home loan comparison service can be extremely effective in securing you the best deal on your home loan. How? They submit your home loan application to multiple banks, including your own bank. Since different banks have different lending criteria, some may offer you a home loan opportunity that others wouldn’t or the banks competing will ensure the best package of home loan and rate.

You can therefore compare the deals offered by the various banks and choose the one with the best interest rate and term, among other factors that add to the appeal of the overall deal.  And the best part, there is no cost to you and you aren’t obliged to take up the home loan offers if they don’t suit you.

But which home loan comparison service should you use? Two of the leading providers are ooba Home Loans and Betterbond. Here, we compare their services.

ooba Home Loans vs Betterbond: Services offered

Both companies offer the best in industry services such as home loan comparison, preapproval, and calculators that can determine how much you’re likely to pay in monthly repayments, transfer costs, and more.

ooba offers an online preapproval process that checks your credit score, and gives you an estimation of what you’ll be able to afford on your home loan; very useful information to have before you commence your house hunt.  ooba also offers the opportunity to have that self-assessment expertly verified, for additional peace of mind.  Both ooba and BetterBond’s prequalification services are at no cost to you.

First-time homebuyers

Both companies cater heavily to first-time buyers. The Betterbond website notes that 70% of their buyers are first-time homeowners, while ooba first-time buyer percentage is more balanced.  Over 60% of ooba’s applicants are looking for a 100% home loan, or a cost inclusive loan.

Insurance products

Both ooba Home Loans and BetterBond offer an additional service in the form of insurance products, such as buildings insurance, and a combined household contents and vehicle insurance package.  These are products that you will need and the origination companies give you a quote to compare against the bank’s insurance quote.  You can also use your own broker.

ooba Home Loans vs Betterbond: Online ratings

Online rating websites such as are useful for determining the quality of South African businesses.

Let’s compare the ratings for the two companies:

ooba Home Loans

Net promoter score: 92%

Ranking: #1 in banking

TrustIndex rating: 10 out of 10


Net promoter score: 86%

Ranking: #9 in financial services

TrustIndex rating: 9.2 out of 10

Both are highly reputable and trusted companies, with ooba Home Loans edging it as far as users on are concerned.

ooba Home Loans vs. Betterbond: Online chatter

The forums on are also a useful resource for information on South African companies.

In this case, we sought user feedback on bond originators (another word for a home loan comparison service) and found that ooba Home Loans and SA Home Loans are the two companies that generally get good feedback.

One comment reads:

“I worked with both OOBA and SA Homeloans. They did all the work and all I had to do was forward emails to each other as they wanted my business.

Ended up getting Prime + 0.25% with a 90% bond with FNB through OOBA (I had a big enough deposit). I was very happy with this based on my credit score and current debt.”  ooba’s average rate concession achieved is a discount to the prime rate.  A home loan comparison service getting you the best interest rate can save you thousands of Rands over the life of a 20-year mortgage.

Another says:

“I used Ooba and they managed to get better deals than I did directly.

So I’ll happily use them again.”

Help with your home loans

A home loan comparison service not only helps you secure the best deal on your home loan; they can also advise you on various aspects of the process, such as how to improve your credit score so you can improve your chance of home loan approval.

Furthermore, they make the home buying process easier by gathering your paperwork and submitting it on your behalf. You can effectively let the bond originator do most of the work.

So whichever provider you choose, it’s clear it’s in your best interests to employ the services of a home loan comparison service.

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Simply The Best

Ooba home loans services are simply the best. My Consultant Bianca Dancer was so hands on and helpful from the get go. She guided me through the entire process and put me at ease being a first time buyer. I highly recommend their services.

Tia J

Excellent Service

Jay Govender and Maleshini Reddy from OOBA provided outstanding assistance and guidance in securing our home loan. Response times were excellent and they were professional and friendly.

Brice G

Bond Application

Estelle Vorster was really helpful in securing the best deal for my home loan, she not only negotiated a lower interest rate she went as far as securing 50% discount on the transfer costs.

Butana M