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Look before you leap - protecting your investment when buying with a friend

With the average house price creeping towards R1, 000,000 more people, especially first-time buyers, are planning on sharing a mortgage with a friend, sibling or partner.

01 August 2007
Mortgage originators saving SA consumers R30bn annually

Mortgage originators are collectively saving South African consumers R30bn a year in interest charges through lower home financing costs. This is thanks to the discounts to the prime lending rate originators achieve by shopping around at various banks on behalf of homebuyers to secure the lowest borrowing rates possible says the company that started bond origination in South Africa in 1999.

13 August 2007
Mortgage approvals stabilise after NCA teething period

The implementation of the National Credit Act in June this year caused a slowdown in mortgage approvals as banks and applicants adjusted to the new regulations - but now SA's leading originator reports that approvals are returning to pre-NCA levels.

19 November 2007
High Prices not the only reason young delay property purchase

Young people are putting off buying their first home for social reasons as well as financial ones according to UK research, a phenomenon that is evident in South Africa too. Saul Geffen, Chief Executive of MortgageSA, South Africa's leading mortgage originator says that while high prices are obviously a deterrent to young people getting onto the property ladder, huge lifestyle changes and priority shifts are a major factor.

14 January 2008
Buyers should prepare for 'sweet spot'

The property market's rapid price escalation has cooled in the last year on the back of higher interest rates and the short term effects of the National Credit Act (NCA), but these factors are conspiring to provide a 'sweet spot' for buyers says SA's leading bond originator.

01 November 2007
Taking the plunge - advice for younger property buyers

Property is a worthwhile investment but for younger people hoping to buy it is difficult to take the first step, but not impossible says Rhys Dyer, Chief Executive of ooba, South Africa's leading bond originator that places one in five South Africans in their homes.

01 November 2007
Buy in Haste, repent in leisure

International research shows people spend more time deciding on computers & holidays than homes. A home is one of the biggest purchases most of us will ever make and yet many of us rush into the buying decision only to regret it later on.

05 November 2007
Buying a Home? A Deposit Makes All the Difference

Despite the buyer's market in the property industry at the moment, in the wake of the global economic downturn, banks are still wary of granting 100% home loans. In light of this, if you're considering buying a home, it's a good idea to start saving up for a decent deposit.

26 February 2013
Clear credit record
How to clear your credit record before applying for a bond

A good credit record is your most important asset when buying a house. How do you ensure yours is squeaky-clean so that you get the thumbs-up from your bank?

05 September 2017
Property: buy now, but look to the future

It's a property-buyer's market, but before you start searching, you should think about your needs five years down the line to avoid having to sell and buy again too soon.

21 January 2013
Looking for Love? Buy a House

In a recent survey conducted on, an overwhelming majority of respondents said that potential partners are more attractive to them if they already own a home.

18 October 2012
Partners in Property

Investing in property is usually the biggest financial commitment that any individual will make. Increasingly, people are looking to purchase a home with a friend, sibling or partner to halve the costs and increase the likelihood of bond approval. But as with any other big commitment, this is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

22 October 2012