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ooba to help reduce failed property sales

ooba, South Africa's largest bond originator, has launched a free service to help counter the growing problem of failed property sales from buyers unable to secure enough financing.

25 August 2008
ooba's new service helps bad debt consumers buy homes

In an effort to help consumers out of their debt traps, ooba, SA's largest bond originator, has recently launched oobaassist, a service that helps their clients clear their bad debt records, allowing them to apply for a bond and purchase a home.

18 August 2008
ooba launches new house price index : reports 1.9% decline in July

ooba, (formerly MortgageSA), SA's largest bond originator, has today launched its own home-hunter-friendly price index called the 'oobarometer' which will be released in the first week of each month.

05 August 2008
First time buyers feeling rate heat

ooba, (formerly MortgageSA), SA's largest bond originator, says that first time property buyers are feeling the pressures of higher interest rates and have adapted their buying behaviour.

07 July 2008
ooba enters aggregation market

ooba, formerly MortgageSA, has entered the aggregation sector of the bond origination market through the launch of its new aggregation business under the brand "Evo". Bond aggregation is the business of facilitating access to bank contracts and systems for bond originators trading under their own brands enabling them to originate bonds directly on behalf of homebuyers.

30 June 2008
Buy to let market looking attractive again

The faltering South African property market has pushed up the demand for rental property as potential buyers sit on the sidelines.

03 June 2008
Act like a skelm; secure your home against burglars

According to the UK's Home Office Statistics, home owners are twice as likely to be burgled within 12 months of moving homes.

13 May 2008
How to sell your property in a sluggish market

It's taking longer to sell properties in these slower market conditions and buyers are being particularly picky so it¿s important for sellers to make their homes as appealing as possible.

05 May 2008
How to avoid defaulting on your bond repayments

Rising interest rates, rampant petrol price increases and soaring food prices are putting the pinch on consumers' pockets and threatening their ability to repay their home loans.

31 March 2008
ooba, formerly MortgageSA, new powerhouse in one stop homeowner services

MortgageSA, the country's leading bond originator, which pioneered the industry in South Africa just under a decade ago, announced today that it will be changing its name to "ooba". The name change reflects the company's evolved offering which now extends beyond bond origination.

28 February 2008
MortgageSA acquisition entrenches leadership position

MortgageSA, South Africa's largest bond originator, has acquired 100% of LoanLink for an undisclosed amount. LoanLink is the fourth largest bond originator in the country, and originates in excess of a billion Rand in home loans each month.

02 February 2008
Compulsive spending sends households into red

60% of South Africans admit to impulse buying and with Christmas season debt and rapidly increasing interest rates South African households need to take control of unruly household expenses.

01 January 2008