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Residential Property Market Data Reveals Racial Trend Among SA Buyers

The number of black home buyers entering the South African residential property market is increasing steadily as the socio-economic tables turn, with the number of black home loan applicants already exceeding white applicants. This is according to Rhys Dyer, CEO of ooba, South Africa's leading bond originator, who says that the number of applications by black buyers currently represent 45% of total home loan applications.

04 October 2011
Residential Property Prices Increase Moderately in August

Residential property prices showed moderate positive growth during August, according to the latest results released by ooba - South Africa's leading bond originator.

16 September 2011
Home Buying Tips to Take Advantage of Favourable Property Market Conditions

According to Jenny Rushin, Provincial Sales Manager at ooba, leading bond originator, as the economy recovers, property prices remain reasonable and the effect of lower interest rates is felt, confidence will return to bricks and mortar investments.

05 September 2011
Gauteng's Improved Transport Increasing Value of Residential Property

Gauteng's improved transport infrastructure has already caused increased property market activity, as well as improved property prices in the residential housing market in areas such as Midrand, Centurion and Sandton.

22 August 2011
Deposits Still Key for Prospective Property Owners in Bond Application Process

Although 100% home loans are being approved by banks in select cases, potential property owners are advised to save for mortgage deposits, due to the numerous economic benefits for prospective home owners in the long-term.

13 July 2011
Originators Essential to Home Buying Process

The latest statistics by ooba, South Africa's leading bond originator, have revealed that the effective bond approval rate through ooba has increased by 7.7% in the past year to 63.4%.

07 July 2011
Co-ownership Proving a Viable Option for Prospective Property Owners

With the average house price now over R800,000, increased cost of living and the average age of the first-time home buyer being 37, applying for a joint mortgage is becoming more of an attractive option for people trying to enter the property market.

23 March 2011
Record Bond Application and Approval Rates Say ooba

ooba, South Africa's leading bond originator, said the number of bond applications in March 2011 reached a three-year high. ooba statistics revealed that the average number of bond applications in March was the highest level recorded for nearly three years (since May 2008) and is 36% higher than the average monthly application intake recorded in 2010.

07 July 2011
ooba Launches New Franchise Brand

Leading bond originator, ooba, has launched a new franchise brand, oobalink, that will give franchisees the opportunity to benefit from the established ooba group's branding and national footprint.

09 June 2011
Clear Credit Record Necessary when Applying for a Bond

According to the Credit Bureau Monitor's 2010 4th quarter report only 53.3% (9.90 million) of the 18.51 million credit-active consumers in South Africa were classified as in good standing.

30 May 2011
Female Bond Applications on the Rise

The number of single female homebuyers in South Africa has risen significantly over the last four years, on the back of an increase in single person households and as women gain better positions in the workplace.

09 May 2011
Property Prices to Achieve Modest Growth in 2011

Residential property prices are set to achieve modest growth in 2011 in line with inflation. This is likely to be at a reduced rate than the level of growth recorded last year, however with interest rates remaining at historically low levels home buyers are being urged to take advantage of the current environment to secure a favourable home loan.

11 January 2011