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Building loans
The ins and outs of building loans

A building loan will get you the finances you need to build your dream house, but make sure you go in with your eyes open.

26 August 2015
A guide to home buying for the self-employed

The misconception exists that it is near impossible for entrepreneurs, or individuals who work for themselves, to enter the property market, due to the banks

01 March 2016
Rein in your budget to qualify for a home loan

Having a budget and sticking to it is not easy, especially with the upward pressure of inflation.

13 May 2016
How to buy a house
How to buy a house with the help of property websites

It's unlikely that some would buy a property without first seeing it, but thanks to the wonders of the digital world, the plethora of tools and information available at your fingertips make the house hunting and buying process a lot easier.

15 June 2016
House hunting? A prequalification certificate says you are serious about committing to your dream home

Prospective home buyers who obtain a prequalification certificate are doing so much more than just finding out how much they can afford to spend on a house.

12 July 2016

Meet ooba! No, not the taxi company, rather South Africa’s largest bond originator.

09 February 2017

We know, that whilst buying a house is one of the most exciting decisions you will make in your life, it is also the biggest and scariest financial one!

16 February 2017

The beauty of house hunting with an ooba Bond Indicator is that it gives you the competitive edge.

23 February 2017

We know that buying a home can be even more expensive than you expect.

02 March 2017

When buying a new home - we understand that your natural instinct is to contact your own bank directly.

09 March 2017

We all know it's tougher to get a home loan these days compared with just a few years ago.

16 March 2017

Shopping around for a home loan to multiple banks ensures you get the best possible financing deal.

13 June 2017