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Credit Amnesty May Offer Some Relief for Home Loan Applicants with a Flawed Credit History

The credit amnesty recently announced by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) may make home loan applications a little easier for applicants with adver

15 May 2014
April Results from ooba Show That Market Conditions are Ideal for First-Time Home Buyers

The latest stats from ooba, South Africa’s biggest bond originator, show that the property market continues to grow and that it is currently an ideal climate

21 May 2014
Buying a second property
ooba's guide to buying a home the second time round

ooba's guide for second-time home-buyers will help you turn what you already know, and what you already own, to your advantage.

11 June 2014
June oobarometer statistics

oobarometer Analysis:  June 2014

15 July 2014
Second Quarter 2014 Results from ooba Reveal Property Prices Still Buoyant

In this, ooba’s first ever quarterly oobarometer, we see that the property market continues to show year-on-year growth, according to Quarter 2 (Q2) statisti

15 July 2014
Want a pool? Read this before you take the plunge.

Whether you are considering installing a swimming pool or want to buy a house that already has one, there are some things you need to know about the cost

29 September 2014
August Results from ooba Show Strong Property Price Growth and Higher Bank Approval Rates

August statistics released by ooba show positive year-on-year and month-on-month growth in property prices.

29 September 2014
Conditions still favourable for first-time buyers to join property market


29 September 2014
Third Quarter 2014 Results from ooba Show Strong Growth in Property Prices and Increase in First Time Buyer Activity

Statistics for the third quarter of 2014 released by ooba, South Africa’s largest bond originator, show continued year-on-year growth in property prices.

22 October 2014
Deposit or 100% bond?

There are many benefits to putting down a deposit for your first home, but in today’s tough economic climate, it may be more realistic to take out a 100% bon

06 November 2014
ooba launches innovative mobile app for expert home loan information on the go

ooba, South Africa’s largest bond originator, has developed an innovative mobile application to simplify the home buyer and real estate agent’s experience in

13 November 2014
October Results from ooba Signify that Outlook for Property Market Remains Favourable

October 2014 data recorded by ooba, South Africa’s largest bond originator, reflect sustained growth in the property market.

19 November 2014