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What Happens After Bond Registration
Your bond has been registered. What happens next?

What to do after bond registration

11 July 2013
ooba's June Results Show Ongoing Property Buyer and Lender Confidence

House prices continue to show steady nominal year-on-year and month-on-month growth, according to the latest statistics from ooba, South Africa’s biggest bon

18 July 2013
Understanding Sectional Title Properties

30 July 2013
Ten Things to Think About Before You Start House Hunting

When you decide to start looking for a property, you’ll be overwhelmed by the different property types, locations, prices and conditions.

14 August 2013
ooba Reports Positive House Price Growth and Record Approvals

The latest statistics from ooba, South Africa’s biggest bond originator, show positive year-on-year house price growth in July of 6.6% to an average purchase

19 August 2013
Get Prequalified and House Hunt with Confidence

21 August 2013
ooba's August Results Reflect Sustained Growth in Property Market

The latest statistics from ooba, South Africa’s biggest bond originator, show continued strengthening in residential property prices.

26 September 2013
10 Ways to Feel at Home in Your New Neighbourhood

When you buy a new home, you’re also taking ownership of your place on a street and in a community.

30 September 2013
All About Interest

When applying for a home loan, one of your most important considerations should be securing the lowest interest rate possible.

03 October 2013
ooba’s September Statistics Indicate Mild Property Price Growth and Improved Lender Confidence

In September, the Average Purchase Price recorded by ooba, South Africa’s biggest bond originator, was R896,258, up 2.2% on R876,717 recorded in September th

16 October 2013
Ten Tips For First-Time Homebuyers

Buying your first home is both an exciting and a stressful experience.

22 October 2013
Cost of buying a house
The true cost of buying a house

Buying a home is the biggest financial commitment that most people will make in their lifetime, but there are a lot of other expenses to factor in aside from the cost of the purchase itself. We'll help you plan ahead by running through these "hidden costs".

07 September 2017