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South Africans cut back on household insurance as recession bites

22% of respondents to a new online poll conducted by ooba, South Africa's leading bond origination company, say they have no household insurance cover, while 14% say they have cut back on coverage in order to pay lower premiums, as last year's recession continues to impact on consumers. Only 3% said they have increased their coverage.

30 March 2010
ooba rebrands insurance offering

ooba (formerly MortgageSA) has rebranded its insurance offerings ooba Buildings Protector and ooba Bond Protector in keeping with the company's name change earlier this year.

04 September 2008
Trusts a viable option for South African property owners

It is common perception that trusts are only for the very wealthy, but many property owners could benefit from placing their property into a trust and protect one of their most valuable assets as well as future income of their family.

20 May 2008
2010 party tenants to smash renters' dreams of gold?

Property owners are gearing themselves for the lucrative renting market in 2010 but should be cautious as the football party tenants descend on mass.

09 February 2010
Insurer can freeze liability on household insurance during renovations

Taking a contractor's liability and building insurance while renovating a house is often the best way to stay fully insured. Because of the high risk involved during renovations insurers are likely to freeze certain parts of their normal cover.

13 August 2007
Insurance issues around home purchases 'vexed and unclear'

The debate over the National Credit Bill has brought into focus the confusing issues around home insurance which often leaves homebuyers overpaying for insurance - or even paying for products they don't need.

01 January 2006
Homebuying 'blindspot' costing South Africans Millions

A 'blindspot' in the homebuying process is leaving South Africans millions of rands out of pocket because they wrongly assume they're covered against the risks of moving.

01 April 2007
3 Little steps to financial peace of mind

Financial freedom doesn't mean you have to win the lottery or a get an unexpected call from the executors of a long lost uncle's estate in Provence.

01 April 2007
Think before you thatch - thousands to be saved by researching insurance premiums ahead of home buying

After analyzing recent research, ooba (MortgageSA at the time) advised potential home-buyers to carefully consider both the location and structure of any house they are considering buying.

01 May 2007
A cheaper alternative to buildings insurance - SA's leading originator launches own product

MortgageSA, South Africa's pioneering bond originator and former winner of the non-listed company of the year, has launched its own building insurance product aimed at providing homeowners choice, and an alternative to the bank products that have traditionally been forced upon consumers.

08 May 2007
South Africans cutting out vital cover as higher rates bite

As interest rates crept up again this week, many people are feeling the financial pressure and creating extra funds in their budgets by cutting out insurance cover - a practice that could leave them in financial ruins.

07 June 2007
Home Insurance: A Small Price to Pay for Peace of Mind

A new house brings with it a wealth of new responsibilities. One of these is that you need to consider what will happen to you, your family or your house if your circumstances change. No matter how unlikely this may seem, life is full of surprises, and you need to plan for every eventuality.

31 January 2013