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Why it's (much) smarter to buy than rent

Rhys Dyer, CEO of ooba, South Africa's largest mortgage originator, says that there is a lot of conflicting advice out there at the moment because the market has cooled.

01 August 2006
It's still cheaper to be trendy in SA's cities

R 20 million for a three bedroom apartment in Cape Town's V&A waterfront may seem like a ridiculous sum to pay by South African standards, but it compares favorably with Sydney and remains significantly cheaper than upmarket apartments in other international playgrounds.

01 October 2006
First time homebuyers should exercise caution - top ten tips for the first time house hunters

"With house prices growth expected to be 12% in 2006 and probably less in 2007, capital growth may not cover the interest costs of a standard 108% mortgage for the first few years", says Saul Geffen, Managing Director of MortgageSA. "That shouldn't scare you off, but it does mean you have to buy well," Geffen said.

01 June 2006
Top tips for buyers - Taking the guesswork out of buying your home

For most of us, buying our home is the biggest investment we've ever made - yet too many of us go into the process uninformed, without a real sense of the risks (and hidden costs) involved. But, says MortgageSA, there's really no need to panic if you follow a few basic rules of thumb.

01 January 2007
Cyber holiday home surfers riding the net

South Africa's largest property listings website has reported a surge in viewings of traditional holiday hot spots as more buyers shortlist homes through online searches ahead of arriving on vacation to see them.

01 November 2007
Commuting woes drive people closer to work

"There is a global trend of people buying near their workplaces, and South Africa is no exception", says Saul Geffen, Chief Executive of MortgageSA, South Africa's leading bond originator that places one in five South Africans in their homes.

01 August 2007
South African brace for R1m average house price

Linda Rall, Provincial Sales Manager at ooba, South Africa's leading bond originator that places one in five South Africans in their homes, says looking at the recent trends in house price data from the ABSA House Price Index, it is likely that the average price of a home in SA will top R1m in 2008.

01 June 2007
Creating the illusion of space in smaller properties

"Rather invest in simple, streamlined furniture," she says. "Try to have pieces that have legs and are not boxy. Not only will you have created space but also the functionality of the room improves as well."

11 September 2007
Hot model beats Mandela as ideal neighbour

A hot model is South Africa's idea of the perfect neighbour according to new research by SA's largest online search portal that lists over 125 000 properties nationwide.

08 March 2013
The Most Important Home Security Feature

Security features of a house are one of the most important aspects South African consumers take into consideration when choosing a home. According to a recent PropertyGenie poll, hosted on behalf of ooba - South Africa's leading bond originator - most home buyers reported burglar bars and a burglar alarm as the most important home security features they would look for in a new home.

29 May 2012
Love at first sight for SA home buyers - poll

According to a new poll by South Africa's leading property listings website, nearly a third of home hunters decide that a property is right for them before they even enter the house - and a kitchen is overwhelmingly the most important room when it comes to the buying decision.

10 December 2008
Don't Let an Interest Rate Cut Mean a Decrease in your Mortgage Repayment

It came as some relief to homeowners when the prime interest rate was cut by 50 basis points to just 8.5% last month. Although this provides a welcome reduction in the monthly costs of repaying a mortgage, ooba, the South African home loan experts, say it would be wise for people to keep their repayment levels unchanged.

08 March 2013