Quick, cost effective fixes for your home

Quick, cost effective fixes for your home

Most people think that a home makeover is a taking-out-a-second-mortgage event that means you have to move in with your mother-in-law while builders annex your home; but it needn't be so traumatic according to SA's leading bond originator.

Careen Mckinon, Provincial Sales Manager Western Cape at ooba, said: "Sprucing up your home can be quick and simple that will make it nicer to live in and also add value to your bricks and mortar."

Here are ooba's top tips to spruce your pad:

1. Instant kitchen update 2. Lick of paint 3. Guttering

Whether a section needs complete replacing, a small fix or just to be emptied and tidied, it's best to get it done in the dry season. If you are in Cape Town, get it done on a dry day.

4. Renovate your furniture

The look of bare wood chairs or tables can be an attractive feature in any room. But if they've started to look worn and dull in colour there is a quick solution sanding. When the wood is smooth add a thin layer of varnish, ensuring that you move your brush in the direction of the wood grain.

5. Finishing touches

Throws, cushions and candles are a cheap way to create a warm, homely feel. A throw chosen in a corresponding colour to the room of choice, paired with clashing cushion covers adds a touch of luxury to both a living room and bedroom. Fragranced candles can also be strategically placed to highlight certain areas of the room while leaving a pleasing scent.

6. Bathroom tidy

Due to their constant use, bathrooms are often the first places that start showing general wear and tear. Replacing your toilet seat or rusted taps with a more modern version can instantly update the room's appearance.

Chipped or broken tiles around the bath can also date your bathroom, making it look dingy and dirty. Re-grouting it will ensure your space looks clean and tidy for longer.

7. The entrance

One of the most prominent features of any home is the front door, as it's the first and last thing visitors will see. A speedy repaint or updated doorknob instantly revives homes' appearance.

You could also position a simple hanging basket by your front door to add some colour pizzazz to your home.

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