Insure The Structure Of Your Home

The one must have plan. Getting a bond depends on it.

If a fire, flood or any other unforeseen disaster were to damage or completely destroy your home, you'd be faced with the stress of having to rebuild and find alternative accommodation. You'd also be forced to pay a bond instalment on an asset that no longer exists. Not fair. But that's the reality.

That's why ooba's Buildings Protector is the essential building insurance plan, if you're buying a property. This insurance is a statutory requirement if the property is bonded. So if you want to go ahead and purchase a property, you must be covered.

ooba Buildings Protector is a comprehensive plan that protects the structure of your home and all the permanent fixtures and fittings in it, against damage caused as a result of an unforeseen event such as fire, flood, lightening etc.

Our Buildings Protector cover has highly competitive premiums and comes with several unique value-added benefits. Our policy is tailor made for you, the home owner.  We'll make sure you are correctly insured.

One of our Insurance Specialists will contact you, if required, with information on our Buildings Protector Plan.

For further information, please email your query to

For assistance in any part of the claims process, or if you need claim forms sent to you, please contact the oobainsure Helpdesk during office hours on 0860 00 66 22. In case of an emergency relating to your building structure please dial 0861 007 200.

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