What are the benefits of using ooba?

By using ooba, you'll avoid the red tape involved in going from bank to bank, dealing with tedious and repetitive paperwork, and not knowing whether you're getting the best home loan deal. We know the banks, understand the system and will hunt down the best deal for you.

Whether you are buying a home for the first time or looking to register a second bond, with ooba, your home finance expert will process the home loan application as quickly as possible on your behalf, ensuring that you get the right bond for your circumstances, and reducing the hassle factor. We submit your application electronically to all the major banks simultaneously, ensuring that your home loan is approved at the best possible rate.

Since 1998, ooba has secured more than R200 billion in home loans for our clients. This means we can put our weight behind your application. So you won't have that little guy at the back of the queue kind of feeling. We're skilled negotiators and masters at presenting your application in the best possible way. Several banks compete for your business. That can only mean a better deal. And a better chance of approval. We know our stuff, so you don't have to worry. Independent. Straight-talking. And for free. Plus, oobainsure can advise you on certain essential insurance plans that you should be considering.

Browse ooba's home loan calculators, including bond addordability & bond repayments, as well as current mortgage interest rates from South Africa’s leading bond originator.