My husband and I have been living in our house for a while, and we're going to stay here for the forseeable future, so we've decided to do some renovations. We're not sure about the best way to finance this, though. Could you please advise?

Tracy Matthysen, ooba home finance expert, answers:

If you still have a bond on your property, you can apply for a further loan through the bank at which your bond is held. In much the same way as when you applied for your bond, you will need to produce a salary slip and a proof of income, and fill out assets and liabilities and monthly income and expenses forms.

 ooba can assist you with the paperwork and process, to present your application to the bank in the best possible light.

Alternatively, you can speak to your bank about extending the term of your loan to give you more time with slightly lower repayments, which will free up more capital towards your renovation, or you can apply at your bank for a personal loan or overdraft to cover the building expenses.

If you own your home , you have settled your bond and are in possession of the title deed , ooba can help you to apply to multiple banks so that you can compare their offerings.