Careers At ooba

Why we love to work at ooba 

At ooba, we are not only building a business that helps people realise their dreams of owning their own home – we are also creating a brighter future. We are actively creating a customer-focused, service-driven corporate culture enabled by the Power of Partnerships.

This is a business where:

1. We are learning and growing every day. We hire the brightest, most talented people who work together to deliver superior

2. Our people are passionate, energised team players who are not afraid to run with the ball.

3. Our people are free to share thoughts, ideas and suggestions, and are our greatest source of learning and innovation.

4. We have a culture of trust and respect.

5. We have real, meaningful conversations and interactions that deepen our partnerships with each other, with our external 
     partners and with our customers.

6. We deliver superior service to each other, our partners and our customers that exceeds expectations.

7. We take pride in our brand, in our products and celebrate when we see our people performing at their best.

Our competitors can copy our products. They can copy our marketing. They can copy almost anything we do – but they can’t copy our culture. This is where we differentiate ooba from the other brands in the market. When people engage with anyone from ooba, they will be so impressed that they will tell their friends. Our brand will have a reputation for service excellence and our business will grow as a result.


Why I like working at ooba

Lizelle Cooper (Sales) 

I love working for ooba as they encourage great partnerships with colleagues, we have the same goals and work as a team. I also have a wonderful management team who will go out of their way to assist whenever possible. ooba also recognises achievements. I don’t  mind working hard as I know it is appreciated. I would definitely recommend ooba as a place to work.


Shireen Toll (Sales) 

I have worked for ooba for almost 12 years and if I had to compare my bad days to good – the good far exceed the bad. We are more like a family than colleagues, we have a great support team and you know someone will always be there to assist. Being commission-based I am mostly able to determine my own income so what you put in is what you get out.


Adrian Veary (Learning & Development) 

Working for an innovative financial services company is very rewarding. Bond origination is so simple in principle and really difficult to get right in reality. At ooba we have people who are passionate about what they do every day and I love getting to watch people grow as they learn. There is a sense of pride in our brand and ooba really celebrates people when they perform.  Our culture as well as our systems and technology make ooba a wonderful place to work.


Amelia de Beer (Personal Assistant)

I've never before experienced such a warm, welcoming feeling during my 30+ years of work experience.


Feedback from our colleagues


 What attracts you to ooba?



What factors, that are currently in place, would entice a person to want to work for ooba?


A position exists for a Business Information Developer to form part of the organisation’s BI development team.

29 August 2017

An exciting opportunity for a Backend Java Developer to join our Strategic Business Enablement team.

24 October 2017

An exciting opportuntiy for a Java Developer to join our Strategic Business Enablement team as a Frontend Java Developer.

24 October 2017

An exciting opportunity for a Regional Sales Manager in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape.

20 November 2017

This Regional Sales Manager position, based in Port Elizabeth (Eastern Cape, South Africa), offers you the rare chance to join an innovative

29 November 2017

This BI Developer / SQL Developer position, based in Cape Town (South Africa), offers you the chance to join an innovative financial service

29 November 2017

These Java Developer (Frontend & Backed) positions, based in Cape Town (South Africa)

01 December 2017

Based in Westville Durban, ooba is searching for an enthusiastic, energetic, proactive and creative individual to support both the regional and provincial ma

17 January 2018