Home loan success and saving for your deposit


How can consumers improve their chances of getting a home loan? Also, how much do you need to save for a deposit?

30 September 2015
I’m starting to hunt for a new home. What are the benefits of getting prequalified?

Marius Crook, ooba Western Cape sales manager, answers:

30 September 2015
I am getting ready to buy my first home, and I know about the documentation required. I understand how to fill in an Income and Expenditure form, but I am a bit confused by the Assets and Liabilities document. What are assets and what are liabilities?

Linda rall, ooba’s KZN provincial sales manager, answers:

30 September 2015
The reason the bank has given for the initial decline on my home loan was due to my scorecard. Please explain what is meant by a scorecard?

Kay Geldenhuys, Property Finance Processing Manager at ooba answers:

30 September 2015