Will I get the same interest rates as if I applied through the bank directly?

Amongst other things, your credit profile, affordability and loan-to-value ratio determine your interest rate on your bond.

03 April 2013
Can I purchase a property in South Africa if I am a non-resident?

A non-resident of South Africa is a person (i.e.

03 April 2013
If I am a temporary resident in South Africa, can I purchase a property in SA?

Foreign Nationals (temporary residents) may apply for local financial assistance, including a bond for the purchase of residential property.

03 April 2013
If I am a South African Resident working abroad, can I apply for bond finance to purchase a property in SA?

Yes, if you are a SA resident working abroad, an 80% mortgage bond can be secured.

03 April 2013
Why have we changed the name of the company from MortgageSA to ooba?

There are a number of reasons for changing the name of the company but the primary reasons are :

03 April 2013
What does the ooba brand name stand for?

It stands for a brand that promises to get you closer to the ideal home, the 'super' life.

03 April 2013
Can I use my own attorney for the bond?

Banks have a panel of  attorney firms from which the Bank will appoint a firm to supervise the registration of the bond on the bank’s behalf.

27 August 2013
What period of time should I get an extension from the Seller for the bond approval?

A buyer should negotiate with the Seller for as much time as possible to obtain a bond approval to allow for instances where the banks may require additional

02 September 2013
Who pays ooba’s fee?

On registration of the bond, ooba is paid a fee by the lender for the functions that it performs on behalf of the lender in respect of the

03 September 2013
What interest rate can you obtain for me from the bank?

As part of ooba’s service offering, we will negotiate a competitive rate for your home loan from the bank.  The bank will base your rate on your credit risk

03 September 2013
Do I have to take a 20 year term?

You can apply for any loan term up to a maximum of 30 years.

03 September 2013
How can I reduce the interest and the loan term i.e. amortization?

Interest on a mortgage loan is calculated daily and compounded monthly on the outstanding balance.  Therefore, should you make additional repayments to your

03 September 2013