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Calculate Home Loan Costs

Our calculators and tools allow you to work out the size home loan you are likely to qualify for, how much your bond repayments will be, the likely size of bond and transfer costs and the effect of increasing your monthly home loan repayments.

We also have a calculator to show how much you’ll need to save for a deposit on your property purchase, while our amortisation tool lets you see how your monthly home loan premium is split between interest and capital repayment.


Calculate the size home loan you are likely to qualify for.

Calculate your monthly home loan expense.

Calculate your savings if you pay extra into your home loan.

Calculate the administration and registration costs on your home loan.

Calculate how much of your bond instalment goes towards interest and how much towards reducing the actual home loan amount.

Calculate how much you need to save and for how long, to save for a home loan deposit.

Exactly what will your home cost you in monthly bond repayments and what will be the total overall cost of the home loan? And, if you could pay extra every month, how much faster would you repay your loan? These are important questions, which can be answered using our home loan calculators.

When you buy a property you will also need to work out other costs, like bond registration and transfer costs. You'll need to consider these in terms of your overall affordability as they can push up your total spend quite dramatically, so you need to be realistic about including them in your calculations.

Our bond status or amortisation calculator makes it possible to get a good picture of the whole life of a bond. Based on a fixed monthly repayment, you'll see what amount you'd be paying in interest every month of every year that you're bonded. And you can calculate the total you'd pay in interest over the whole period. You'll also see how much your loan reduces by every month over the full period of the bond, and how quickly the balance reduces near the end of the term of your bond.